Monday, September 8, 2008


Did you hear the latest? That Jimmy Carter dude that gave away the Panama Canal while he was President said he thought Senator McCain was milking the POW issue!

Like you gotta be kidding girl--he wouldn't have said something like that. He's a graduate of the Naval Academy. I mean, like don't they teach the guys there to be like...officers and gentlmen? That would have been like totally dumb for him to say something like that, you know what I mean, girl? Like it would have made him look like?

Like some kind of peanut brain?
Actually, it would have made him look like a really dumb guy, I mean more dumb or dumber than a peanut.

Like wasn't the dude a kind of peanut farmer or something before he became President back then? I mean, like they say he had a brother named Billy who started a brewery or something, way down there in Georgia. Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter, he should have been smarter, should have been smarter. Sound like some kind of song or something, right?

Like it does, girl. Let me see, Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy, Carter, Carter, he should have been smarter. I like that. It rhymes. Did Jimmy Carter really give away the Panama Canal?

Well, like that's what history says. Says he thought they could run it better than we could. Now, believe it or not, the Chinese are running it.

Girl, you gotta be kidding. Talk about a peanut....?

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