Tuesday, July 28, 2009


In the 1970s, Penguin Park was one of the most popular parks in the northern sector of Kansas City, Missouri. It began with the landmark penguin and other attractions were added as the years rolled by. Four decades later, the crowd is elbow to elbow with children on the weekends. The recent population explosion in the area has made space to play a premium and parking spots scarce. However, the ice cream trucks are selling a record number of bomb pops. Solution to the space problem: Spend tax-payer money to enlarge the park to facilitate the booming population explosion. The park has a non-smoking policy, a policy I support because it is a children's recreation area. Restroom facilities and drinking fountains have been reconstructed, a positive aspect. Generally, the park is a harmonious blend of young children and offers parents opportunities to interact and communicate in a number of languages.

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