Thursday, January 13, 2011

Homeless in Beijing subway

Homeless in Beijing subway, originally uploaded by milkanen.

Yes, it appears that China has a terrible "homeless" problem. What is this world coming too?

One might compare this image with photos of the homeless in USA subways and other areas. I think the entire issue boils down to "freedom to sleep where one can find a place" and there are most likely laws against sleeping in subways that are enforced in China.

One can look at this issue in several ways; either a society has regulations about where people can congregate and lay around in public places and spaces, or a society has no restrictions, thus letting whomever wants to camp out in public places, litter, urinate and deficate throughout the area, making the area unhealthy, unsafe and a site that shows there are no provisions made for the homeless.

Part of this can simply be defined by "character." To summarize, Beijing officials do not want "characters" hangin' out in the public subways. I get the picture clearly. And I support regulations that are enforced to keep public spaces such as subway stations free of a transient population that becomes a public nuisance.

Parks, in my opinion, should be free space for those who need sleeping and and camping space. The ideal solution, of course, would be for the government to build homes for those who are homeless, thus reducing the homeless problem to zero. Yes, a zero tolerance for homelessness. This, of course, would require more money from the Federal budget. This, then should become another entitlement issue, another partisan issue. In the meantime, one homeless man, or perhaps one "sleepy" man is taking time out in a Beijing subway.

Homeless in Beijing subway
I saw this young buddy in a subway tunnel in Beijing under the Tiananmen square.

Uploaded by milkanen on 28 Oct 07, 11.46AM PST.

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