Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Desert house

Desert house
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Let me tell you the story behind this one. I noticed you took it back in March of 2008. To be quite honest, I am surprised it was still standing. But if you took the photo, you should know.

There's a long story that goes along with this old home. Before I give away too many details, I need to know if you happened to see anyone with metal detectors in the area. Did you see any fresh holes where people had been digging.

If you saw signs of digging, etc, they were probably digging a drain for the water that floods the road in heavy rains.

If you still have the details on this location, I might suggest that you go there ASAP with your metal detectors. According to the old legend, there was a shipment of gold that was headed for the mint. The old stage road that is now the closest State highway, was once called the Federal Road because it led directly to the mint.

Anyway, the old James gang, not the one in Missouri, but the cousin of the notorious Frank James, rented a general store not too far from here and knew the schedule of the loads, etc. Anyway, as the story goes, he had made arrangements with the State militia who were supposed to be escorting the load (four wagons full of gold nuggets and ore).

Do you still have your map?

Desert house
I've always wondered what the stories behind these abandoned houses are

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If you will kindly send me the map, I will go check on this and let you know if what I suspect might be true. There is no need for you all to go on what would most likely be a wild goose chase.

Just draw me a map ASAP on a sheet of paper and send it FLICKER E MAIL. Yes, I am interested in this and I just might be able to fill you in on the stories--IF YOU SEND ME THE MAP A-S-A-P

Rest assured, that I will contact you if I find anything of interest or any of the gold that could have been buried in or around the area.

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