Friday, November 21, 2008

i mr brightside

AT FIRST GLANCE, THERE IS SOMETHING UNUSUAL ABOUT THIS PHOTOGRAPH. IS IT A DOUBLE EXPOSURE? OR IS THIS A PROPHECY OF A CITY DESCENDING FROM THE HEAVENS? Whatever it is, it looks interesting in my opinion. This photo appeared on the homepage of my Flickr and immediately captured my interest.

i mr brightside
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I had to find out exactly what was happening here. What's my point? Summarily, it is all about taking the time to investigate the special features that appear on my homepages. There is so much to learn from Flickr and basically, from almost all of the internet programs and sites. Am I complaining? Not at all; my only complaint concerns time. There is always something new and different happening. How can I possibly keep in touch with everything that's appealing and interesting? I can't! And it is high time that I admit it, realize it, confess it. I am not a extraordinarily gifted multi-tasked type of guy; I take one task at a time and hope that I can grasp the finer point of whatever I am involved in at the moment. My mind races as I try to follow my schedule for the day. Should I concentrate on photography, literary projects, art exhibits? Should I supplement my basic interests with extra information about the technical side of the internet? How deeply involved in photo editing should I become? Why am I question these subjects or talking about them in a public formum? Because I would like to know if there are others who struggle with time schedules and interests. There's the matter of time and age. Anyone who has live for more than half a century, fifty plus years, might be able to understand where I am coming from. It's not like we have an eternity to become more and more prolific in one endeavor after another. I once knew a bar owner who was succesful in almost everything he did. I asked him how he was able to run a great bar, travel around the world once a year, play tennis and attend whatever team sports he liked, keep abreast of the news and read new novels whenever he felt they deserved his attention. "I keep everything simple and easy," he said, easy and simple, simple and easy,"he continued. I kept his words in mind but I never really got a handle on exactly what he was saying. I try to keep everything simple and easy, but life is not simple and it is not easy--unless you believe it is simple and easy. Did Plato say "know thyself" or "fool thyself?"

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