Thursday, November 13, 2008


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A very cool photo with great lighting. Normally, one would not consider this photo as one that would win wide acclaim and a multitude of photographic honors, but from my point of view, there is much to be said about this photo. Initially, one's focus is drawn to the vintage Porshe. The pleasing lines of the Porshe highlighted by lighting that is perfect for the scene creates subject matter that creates interest and a desire to continue viewing. Noteworthy is the style of athletic shoe worn by the mysterious mechanic; the work lamp serves two purposes here: (1) making repair visible and (2), drawing the eye to the shoe design. Not into fetishes of or about feet, this viewer does note the floor tile; it appears to be a special tile that would look great in a home. Not to ramble on, the photo is worthy of public attention because of its location. Viewers will be surprised to learn that Formula One is enjoyed in Singapore. Summarily, one cool photo. Wishing you the best and many victories in the world of speed.

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