Monday, November 3, 2008


How many photos of this nature have been taken in the last fifty years? Imagine, a book with similar photos; it would surely by at least five feet high. How many poems have been written that mention meadows? More than I would care to bet on. It would be an infinite number. In fact, at this very moment, rest assured that there's a poet somewhere who has just penned the word "meadow" or "meadows."After shooting this photo last summer, I thought about how many people would really love to go on a "day trip" out in the countryside to look at old barns. To be able to run through the meadow in a slow motion manner is an especially romantic idea. How many possibilities are there anyway. The slow motion idea of running through the meadow always ends with two lost lovers embracing in a slow motion embrace. Now that's a romantic day trip to the meadow.

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