Sunday, October 26, 2008

Palm, sky, artificial weave

Palm, sky, artificial weave, originally uploaded by joiseyshowaa.

A MOST SOPHISTICATED TRIBUTE TO THE PALM TREE...and what is the Palm Tree but a living symbol of freedom in America. For example, if I am hanging out in Minneapolis in December and long for a warmer climate, the image of a palm tree might inspire me to go west or south to warm up. There is the freedom I enjoy as an American to go in search of palms. joiseyshowaa has posted a work that might inspire some shivering Canadians and Minnesota folks to find such a palm and enjoy the warmth. They should be advised that the artificial weave will not be visible in the beginning, if ever. One must have a near genius imagination to appreciate the weave. Anyone taking the time to examine this work will, however, possess this quality and rest assured they will enjoy the warmth of a geographical change. Anyone whose abode is full of images of palms should go in search of where the real palms grow. Do not wait too long. Thanks to joiseyshowaa for an image that woke me up on this brisk Sunday morning.

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