Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Mighty Philippine Eagle

The Mighty Philippine Eagle, originally uploaded by MalNino.

Wow...what a following. I am in awe of both the regal eagle and your awed audience of viewers. Your photos ARE indeed good enough for NATGEO. I read my first issue of NatGeo at a paper drive back in the early 50s. I was so entranced by the publication that I took one out of the drive and put it in my notebook to read at a later time, after school. Well, to make a l o n g s t o r y speed up a bit.............I was summoned to the Principal's office and reprimanded for taking property that did not belong to me. It was a caustic experience for a 4th grade boy and I felt like hell, like a thief or even worse after his verbal tongue-lashing. Yes, I love NatGeo, for sure. And your marvelous photos certainly SHOULD be in this marvelous national magazine that bespeaks only EXCELLENCE. ROB

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