Thursday, October 16, 2008


Having been tuned to all things political for the last six months, last night's third and final debate served as the grand finale in many respects. Each candidate has a number of positives and negatives. But that is all behind us, more or less. What matters here is a fact I had not counted on to consider in this election.

What could have been more important than the third and final debate?

It was the Al Smith dinner.

It was not on my viewing list; I was browsing. Suddenly, there was Senator McCain talking about one of the reporters who had experienced an "...electrical sensation running up his leg" when he watched one of Obama's initial speehes over a year ago. What? Was I in the middle of a humorous dream or what? What? And there was Senator Obama smiling and laughing. Could it be the two men were not really McCain and Obama but look-alikes like the Palin imposter? It was a Saturday Night Live kind of thing for certain I declared. No way in hell would the two candidates be outfitted in formal tails and tux', joking and laughing much in the style of the old Dean Martin "roasts."

It was no dream--it was the Al Smith Memorial Dinner. Al Smith was the Governor of New York who ran for President time and again and never won because, to be quite honest, he was a Catholic.

Check out the clips of their speeches. You will have a different perspective on both men after watching and listening to them.

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