Saturday, September 20, 2008


THE SECRET LIVES OF ASHLEY AND MELISSA...are becoming less secret now that Sarah Palin has made a splash in the news and television media that is more than a little impressive.
For some reason, the two young women illustrated above had very little to chat about until Sarah Palin entered center stage and has taken up much more than her "fifteen minutes of fame." Now, the two young women above, like a few other women who are suffering from that old and familiar syndrome that has the word "envy" as the second half of the condition's description. Why are women like Ashley and Melissa so envious of the woman who will most likely become the Vice President of the United States of America? According to Earl R. Stonebridge, a man who spends an extraordinary amount of his time writing and listening to conversation in and around Laguna Beach, "...they are looking at Sarah Palin and becoming sick at their stomachs with you know what kind of "envy" but an "envy" that is inverted. They see Sarah as the woman who is really a woman in all aspects, the real woman, the real mother--all of the the things these two women (like the two above) will never be. Oh, they are secretly admiring Palin's virtues and morals, but they would not, for a New York minute, admit that she is all that they wish they could be but will never be because they have let the "envy" thing ruin their goals and ambitions. Where have women like Ashely and Melissa been for thelast twenty years? Do they not realize that women are free to do as they choose and please now? What a waste of young minds, still living in an age when they think they must be a man to become a valuable asset to this nation. Perhaps they have been reading too many stores about Angina's Monolgue or is it Virginia's Monologue? Whatever it is, it's a hindrance to the two women above and other women who were considered celebrities but now resign themselves as being "has beens" by their frothing and seething monologue about Sarah Palin.

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