Sunday, September 28, 2008


Back in the late 40s and early 50s, my Uncle Jim, and his brother Frank, and their wives, Aunt Dort and Aunt Ruby (Frank's wife), usually took a summer vacation somewhere. We traveled in a new Hudson because Uncle Frank sold Hudsons for the Brown Motor Company. Those were fun times; we saw much of the USA prior to its disection by Ike's Interstate system. There was the Ozarks vacation in 1949, the Black Hills vacation, the Michigan and Great Lakes vacation, etc. They were fun while they lasted. Eventually, the two older girls, my cousins Susie and Judy, opted to stay home. Despite our number, there was always enough room in those air-conditioned Hudsons. Exact location of photo above? Probably Warrensburg, Missouri, on our way to visit Jefferson City to tour the Capitol building and the Missouri State Penitentiary. Tour groups were permitted back then. I recall the commotion about our visit by the inmates. Gasoline prices in the early 50s sometimes soared to .21 cents a gallon.

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My dad's dad, my grandfather, was nine years old when President Lincoln died from an assassin's bullet. Most people think I am speaking of my GREAT GRANDFATHER. NO, I am referring to my dad's father, my paternal Grandfather, Robert Levi Huffstutter, born in 1856. What does this information have to do with my profile? It might help the reader understand that I have a sense of being much older than I am in that only one generation seperates me from President Lincoln. This causes me to respond differently to society and many current events. In many respects, this is to my benefit, in other respects it dates my mindset. Perhaps this is the reason I value the moral standards and idealogies of older Americans, the men who were the soldiers and sailors I saw when I was a small boy,the men and women who fought a war for freedom without any doubts posted by a media with a questionable lack of national unity and purpose.